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Privacy Policy

(as of February 04, 2011, 1st edition)

We treat your privacy seriously. This privacy policy is only applicable to Paramount Direct (Direct Marketing Web Site of Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation). If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy stated in here, please feel free to contact us at

Paramount Direct (Privacy Policy)
c/o Direct Marketing Department
Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation
11th Floor Sage House 110 V. A. Rufino St
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email : [email protected]

Information we collect and how do we use it

We only collect information from you as depending on the transaction/process/service you are requesting using this site which has as its domain name. For mere browsing of the site, we only collect data we feel necessary such as IP Address, date and time of browsing, page/s browsed, and other statistical and technical data that are safe to share and acquire to further improve our services to you as being an interested party. But for transaction such as payment, application submission, and other similar transactions/services that requires you to register to us, we ask for your personal information such as your email address, name, contact number, birthdate, policy number and the likes that we see as necessary for verification/authentication purposes so that we can smoothly process the transaction/service you are requesting.


You may modify the personal information you submitted with us or cancel your registration with us at any point in time by sending as an email at [email protected] for security purposes whereas we also need you to provide your name and birth date in the email content. We will then send you a reply once your request has been process.

Information sharing

We may also at times pass limited information we collected from you for payment and application submission to other affiliated web sites such that those sites are required to adhere to our instructions and contract that we have with them. We also ensure that any access or disclosure to the information you provided with us to other trusted parties is of legal jurisdiction specifically bound by the Constitution of the Philippines of which where the company resides. Such cases may happen but not limited to during disputes of claim or those that are stated as enforceable in the Terms and Condition of this site.

Information security

We ensure to store only limited information in our web server that is necessary for the smooth processing of your transaction/service requested. At the same time, we take necessary actions to protect the data stored and use for the site from any anomalies that may occur due to unauthorized access of it. Such steps include firewall deployment, regular virus scanning and restriction of access to the web server.

Accessing and updating personal information

If needed, you may request for a copy of the information you submitted to us by sending an email at [email protected] such that we need you to provide the following information in the email content : name and birth date.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Please note that we reserve the right to change or update this privacy policy at any point in time such that if there is a major revision,we will give you 15 days prior notice (through email or your contact number and a prominent notice in the home page) before releasing the update, otherwise, we may do so without your consent.

Other Sites

This privacy policy only applies with Paramount Direct (Direct Marketing Department of Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation) whose domain name is Accessing, browsing and submitting of any information to other sites even those that has link with us is out of our coverage and limitation such that they can exercise their own privacy policy that is defined with them and we may not be held responsible for whatever transaction/process you may have with them other than what is stated in the contract we have for the affiliated websites namely but not limited to, and

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